Dual Nationality Tongue Twister (2018)

Dual Nationality Holder Tongue Twister, 2018, HD video, color, sound, 10:37 min., loop, 16:9, supported by the Korean Cultural Center, Berlin

Dual Nationality Holder Tongue Twister is a video performance where the artist incessantly and earnestly repeats in the Korean language “dual nationality holder” faster and faster until she cannot say it accurately anymore. These words sounded strange to her and were difficult to speak, similar to a tongue twister. Her stark concentration is evident as she attempts to perfectly enunciate the words. RHEE fluctuates in the piece being at times pensive and then embarrassed, as she stumbles, misarticulates and slips up in her “native language”.

I like Korea and Korea likes me, Gallery damdam, Korean Cultural Center, Berlin, curated by Ka Hee Jeong, camera and cinematography by Bryan Jackson and Deyo Forteza