Foster Ajumma, 2023, animation video by Eunha Lovell

Are you an Overseas Adopted Korean (OAK) who is searching for your first family?

Would you like to participate in a social intervention with the artist Mirae kh RHEE? Part of Run Towards My Family, RHEE is running the JTBC Seoul Marathon this November to find her own family and is offering to symbolically carry you over the finish line, carrying you on her back like a Foster Ajumma.

Inspired by the animation work of OAK artist Eunha Lovell, RHEE invites you to join the journey to find our families, our origins, and our right to know.
Absolutely free to participate. Apply here by 30th June 2024!

Mirae kh RHEE is an artist, researcher, writer, and speaker, and is currently in residence at the Museum für Asiatische Kunst, Berlin.