Heterogenous Infiltration for Sogo (2018)

Heterogenous Infiltration for Sogo, 2018, hand drum, crocheted wool felt, thread, 40 x 24 x 6.5 cm, photo: Aleks Slota

Offering a moment of respite, the show [I Like Korea and Korea likes me] also includes a small sculpture, Heterogenous Infiltration for Sogo (2018) made of a small frying pan drum and wrapped entirely in handmade felt. The instrument recalls RHEE’s first explorations of traditional Korean culture and music, an endeavour that eventually brought her to South Korea in 1997, where she first played the sogo. The work conveys tenderness towards her young self, and serves as a totem of her youth and the journeys she has undertaken in her art and life. One hopes that in her tenacious investigations of belonging RHEE and her future self find a moment of respite before her next test of endurance.
– Rachel Jans, 2018, Assistant Curator, SFMOMA

I like Korea and Korea likes me, Gallery damdam, Koreanisches Kulturzentrum, Berlin 2018, curated by Ka Hee Jeong
postmodernism and aesthetics: collide or steer, Korean Cultural Center, New York, 2018, curated by Kyunghee Pyun, AHL Foundation