Inventing Genealogies (2021)

Inventing Genealogies, 4 Oct- 3 Dec 2021, New Media Artspace, Baruch College, CUNY, NY, curated by Katherine Behar

[…] if a Chinese person were to say his name was “Patrick Murphy”, you would look at him like he’s insane, because Murphy is an Irish name – a European name — or a name that has a Caucasian or a white background. And a Chinese is a “yellow man” and he has nothing to do — or no connection whatsoever — with the name “Murphy”. And if it doesn’t look proper for a person who is yellow — or Chinese — to be walking around named Murphy […]

– Malcolm X

[…] Chinese people were classified as Black in South Africa. I don’t mean they were running around acting black, they were still Chinese. […] at the same time Japanese people were labelled as white. The reason for this is that the South African government wanted to establish good relationship with the Japanese in order to import their fancy cars and electronics. So Japanese people were given honorary white status, while Chinese people stayed black.

– Trevor Noah