The Ten N (2018)

The Ten N, 2018, interactive performance, collaboration with Daniel Dodd-Ellis and Marie Yan, Archipelago, Reinbeckhallen, Berlin, 2018, Goldrausch Künstlerinnen Projekt, photo: Aleks Slota

A collaborative interactive performance by Mirae kh RHEE, Daniel Dodd-Ellis and Marie Yan, The Ten N was performed on the occasion of the Finissage (closing reception) of Archipelago (Goldrausch) at Reinbeckhallen, Berlin. This recent performance from the Chocolate Kiss Series, developed with dramaturg, Marie Yan, continues the research interests that Dodd-Ellis and RHEE collaborated on in N-Kissing Bondage for the event I am not a fortune cookie, curated by Vicky Truong at ACUD Galerie, Berlin.